George A. Roberts Award

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ASM Materials Education Foundation Trustees recognized the need to annually honor an individual who has made a significant impact on our ability to reach students and teachers to increase awareness of materials and applied science careers. To recognize the importance of educational outreach, Trustees established the George A. Roberts Award in 2003. The first recipient was its namesake, Dr. George A. Roberts, who served the materials community with great distinction for many years.

George A. Roberts Award Recipient

“For a life-long commitment and continued service to materials education for students, teachers and materials professionals, through the K-12 teacher Grant program, the Materials Camp program, and development and instruction of MEI courses.”

Mr. Thomas K. Glasgow, FASM
Manager, Retired
Microgravity Materials Science Branch, NASA Glenn Research, Cleveland, OH

Mr. Glasgow attended the Case Institute of Technology, earning his B.S. in Metallurgy in 1968, returning for his M.S. in 1974. Entering NASA in 1968 he was first engaged in powder metallurgy and superalloys.  This led to his chairing the AIME Powder Metallurgy Committee in 1975 and 1976, setting the committee again on a path of organizing and presenting PM symposia. Work with powders resulted in development of a process for producing silicon nitride adopted by industry and in work with INCO leading to the launch of a dispersion strengthened nickel base alloy.

A decade at NASA-Glenn was spent managing the Microgravity Materials Science Laboratory. Interaction was with leading scientists from around the world performing ground based research and preparing for Space Shuttle and Station flight experiments.

In retirement from NASA, he remains busy teaching ASM International professional development classes: Elements of Metallurgy, Corrosion, Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist, and Steels for the Non-Metallurgist. He helps with the ASMI Teacher Camp program by teaching and by providing crystal models and other equipment for the other master teachers.

He has served in numerous ASM International committees as member and chair, generally those involved with student outreach. He initiated with the support of several chapters the ASM International Teacher Grant program, now part of ASM Education Foundation activities.

Distinguished Awardees Include:

2017 – Thomas K. Glasgow, FASM
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2015 – Ashok K. Khare, FASM
2014 – Mr. Michael B. Connelly, FASM
2013 – Dr. Donald R. Muzyka, FASM
2012 – Mrs. Frauke Hogue, FASM
2011 – Dr. Daniel P. Dennies, FASM
2010 – Edouard Duval
2009 – Dr. Kathy L. Hayrynen, Ph.D, FASM
2008 – Ms. Debbie Goodwin
2007 – Alton D. Romig, Jr., FASM
2006 – Dr. Thomas G. Stoebe, FASM
2005 – Aziz I. Asphahani, FASM
2004 – Jack G. Simon, FASM
2003 – George A. Roberts, FASM