Board of Directors


Prof. Diran Apelian, FASM
Founder and Founding Director,
Metal Processing Institute

Vice Chair Prof.
Glenn S. Daehn, FASM
Mars Fontana Professor
of Metallurgical Eng.
The Ohio State University

Immediate Past Chair
Dr. David B. Spencer
Chairman & CTO wTe Corporation

Dr. Roch J. Shipley, P.E., FASM
Principal Engineer
Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc.

Ms. Nichol Campana
Director of Development & Operations
ASM Materials Education Foundation


Dr. Kevin R. Anderson, FASM
Mercury Fellow Mercury Marine

Dr. Aziz I. Asphahani, FASM
President and CEO
QuesTek Innovations LLC

Ms. Shree Bose
Harvard University

Professor Stephen M. Copley, FASM
Senior Scientist,
Applied Research Lab
Penn State University

Dr. Raymond F. Decker, FASM
Chief Technical Officer and Treasurer
Thixomat Incorporated

Ms. Janice L. Edwards
Engineering Transfer
Faculty College of Lake County

Mr. John R. (Chip) Keough, PE, FASM
Keough Family Foundation

Dr. Padma Kodali

Mr. William T. Mahoney
ASM Managing Director

Dr. Julio G. Maldonado
Advising Materials Engineer
Chevron Energy Technology Co.

Dr. George Mehler
Professor in the College of Science & Technology
Temple University

Dr. Jerrilee K. Mosier, Ed.D.
Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast

Mr. Andrew G. Nydam
Olympia School District

Prof. Gregory B. Olson, FASM
Walter P Murphy Professor
Northwestern University

Dr. Frederick E. Schmidt, FASM
Director of Technology
Advanced Applied Services

Dr. Lyle H. Schwartz, FASM
Director (Retired)
Air Force Office of Science Research

Mr. William W. Shropshire
Chairman, Board of Directors
American Chemet Corp.

Dr. Mark F. Smith, FASM
Deputy Director, Materials Science & Engineering
Sandia National Laboratories

Ms. Anne Stockdale
Airworthiness Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation


Mr. Ronald J. Parrington, P.E., FASM 
Industrial Services Engineering Systems Inc.


Dr. Alton D. Romig, Jr., FASM
Executive Officer
National Academy of Engineering


Dr. Jack G. Simon, FASM
Technology Access Incorporated


Dr. Thomas G. Stoebe, FASM
Professor Emeritus (Retired)