Close to 5,000 students, parents, teachers and community members attended the NOISE STEM Expo on Saturday April 22nd and ASM was there!

ASM Foundation and ASM International sponsored a Mini Materials Camp® at the Northeast Ohio Initiative STEM Expo (NOISE) at Beachwood High School, showcasing a series of demonstrations focused on exploring materials science and engineering principles.

Master Teachers Beth Eddy, Tom Glasgow, Caryn Jackson, Bob Wesolowski along with John Peppler and Trent True (Kent State Univ.) hosted demos throughout the day highlighting STEM activities:

  • Keeping Astronauts Cool
  • Nitinol — A Shape Memory Alloy
  • Can Steel Take the Heat? (Hot Wire / Phase Change Demo)
  • Super absorbent polymers
  • Corrosion- Ball Bearing Experience
  • Melting Metal with Microwaves

Read more about the event at and view pictures (Materials Camp included) at