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Meet Aubrey Tang…

2014 Eisenman Materials Camp… the best camp experience

The ASM Materials Camp has been the BEST camp experience I’ve had. BAR NONE. The amount of information I learned, number of life-long friends I made, and the pure amount of laughs I had is something irreplaceable. This camp is seriously something special and an experience I will forever keep close to my heart.

I never expected to become so attached to everyone and I left Cleveland with a heavy heart and misty eyes. My peers came from all walks of life, but we were all intelligent beings who knew that we wanted to succeed in life. To be honest, I thought everyone would be insanely nerdy and the only way we’d be able to communicate would be through some math problem. Turns out, everyone was super nerdy. However, we were all incredibly kind to one another and became the best of friends.

Not only were the students incredible, but the mentors were absolutely stupendous. Despite the annoying shrugs and indirect answers (God only knows how many times I wanted to wring their necks), they taught us that thinking is a vital skill and something necessary for this line of work. There are never going to be straight answers and it’s up to us to come up with solutions, even if they are unconventional. So, thank you to the mentors for teaching me as well as angering me.

After being at this camp, I now know what I want to do in the future. This camp has not only impacted my life, but it has most definitely impacted someone else’s life. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been a part of this experience. I was at the 15th year of the Eisenman Materials Camp. It has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Thank you,

2017 Update…

“It has been almost three years since my first encounter with Materials Science and Engineering at the Eisenman Camp, and I can safely say that my interest has sparked into a thirst for knowledge. Not only did the Eisenman Camp lead to an opportunity to go to the Materials Explorer Camp in France, but it also compelled me to decide what I wanted to study at college. I am currently majoring in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut, and I am so excited to continue delving deeper into the topic of materials. In my introductory level materials classes, I found myself familiar with terms such as “ductile”, “brittle”, and “shear” because the Eisenman Camp had introduced these words to us already. I am so grateful to the Eisenman Camp for jump starting my passion in materials and I hope that this camp continues to inspire young individuals in pursuing a career in Materials Science and Engineering.”

Aubrey Tang
Materials Science & Engineering University of Connecticut


University of Washington’s 2017 Materials Matter fully booked in less than two hours!

University of Washington, one of our test sites for Materials Matter, offered the program in 2015. They received great response from the students, as well as the parents. They offered it again in 2016, and again, it was a success!

Just today they opened their registration for their 2017 offering, and Materials Matter was fully booked with students on the waiting list in 90 minutes! Our partners at the University of Washington are planning on offering the program twice next summer!

Materials Matter, an off-shoot of Materials Camp®, is a program for middle school students. Piloted in 2014 at Roper Mountain, further tested at two sites in 2015, we are looking at the following institutions offering the program in 2017:

  1. Roper Mountain, SC
  2. University of Washington, WA
  3. MOSI, FL
  4. Museum of Flight, WA
  5. Science Central, IN
  6. Pensacola MESS Hall, FL
  7. I2Learning, NJ

We have a couple more locations in the works that may or may not materialize in 2017. Congratulations and thanks to the Middle School Committee for initiating this project!

  • Dr. Lyle Schwartz, FASM (Chair)
  • Dr. Stephen Copley, FASM 
  • Dr. Glenn Daehn, FASM
  • Ms. Jan Edwards 
  • Ms. Debbie Goodwin (Curriculum Developer) 
  • Dr. George Mehler 
  • Mr. Andy Nydam (Curriculum Developer) 
  • Dr. Thomas Stoebe, FASM

With the Materials Matter program, ASM Materials Education Foundation continues to fulfill its mission “to excite young people in materials, science, and engineering careers”!