Who We Impact

Impact of the ASM Foundation

The ASM Materials Education Foundation has extensive experience developing and disseminating classroom curriculum. Programs such as ASM Materials Camp have made a huge impact through in-depth, hands-on  demonstration of what materials engineers do and the high-tech resources that are available to help solve complex problems. These programs create excitement and enthusiasm for STEM education, evidenced by the numerous  testimonials that we receive from both student and teacher participants. For example, Wendy Bramlett of Tuscaloosa Magnet Middle School, Alabama, said, “This is absolutely the best workshop I have ever attended.  Everything in the workshop is useful and can be easily implemented.”

In a survey of 350 camp graduates 84% are now enrolled in undergraduate STEM courses.  Serving 13,356 students over the last 16 years, this programming is built on the concept that materials represent the perfect context to enhance students’ interest in STEM studies. Additionally, over 85% of the 8,915 teacher camp alumni are now utilizing “hands-on” materials concepts in their chemistry and physics classes, convinced that these concepts benefit student learning. These teachers believe that such concepts benefit their students and inspire them to learn science. Further, these hands-on demonstrations and tools have proven to make a positive impression on students by inspiring them to pursue science and engineering careers.

The Foundation is making a real difference in the drive to get more students interested in learning science, technology, engineering & math.