“I am humbled and honored to have received a scholarship from your organization.  It is a huge testament to your values that you would repeatedly invest in young professionals such as myself.  I can say with great enthusiasm that the funds you have provided will be well used, and I am personally very grateful for the financial relief that this scholarship provides.  Thank you so much for devoting your resources towards the development of engineering students.”— Scholarship Recipient

“Promoting the future of materials science is something I am very pas­sionate about. ASM does such a great job of putting money from generous donors to use. I can’t count the num­ber of times I have heard incoming students say that they became interested in materials engineering after attending the materials camp sponsored by the ASM Foundation. I am so honored to have been selected to receive this scholarship and could not be more grateful for your gener­osity and commitment to the future of materials science and engineering. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive and intelligent network of people and hope to someday be able to help support up and coming engineers in return for all that ASM has already done for me.” —Scholarship Recipient

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your support! It is not every day that an opportunity such as the one you have provided arises and I am honored and blessed to have been chosen to receive this award. I have found the path I am on to be very fulfilling for me. Thank you for helping me continue on this path as I complete the second half of my undergraduate degree and continue onto graduate school.” —Scholarship Recipient


Undergraduate Scholarships