Materials Genome

Materials Genome Toolkit Program

This opportunity is offered to U.S. undergraduate engineering programs to compete to receive a free license for cutting-edge materials design software and database packages. This effort is being launched to promote science-based computational materials design and engineering in undergraduate curriculum.

To enter the competition, schools must submit a proposal stating how they plan to integrate the software into their undergraduate curriculum and how they would use it in the context of the ASM Undergraduate Design Competition. Winners will be chosen based on how well their proposal balanced the use of the software between theory and application.

Award Recipients

Each of the selected schools will receive the Materials Genome Toolkit consisting of a three-year, multi-user license to a package of tools from Thermo-Calc Software, including their latest thermodynamic and DICTRA diffusion codes along with the TC-PRISMA precipitation simulator. The package also includes access to several thermodynamic and mobility databases and a variety of software development kits.

This effort is supported by the NIST-funded Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD) as part of the national Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) under a special arrangement with Thermo-Calc Software AB. The program is being administered by the ASM Computational Materials Data Network in partnership with the ASM Materials Education Foundation.

The ASM Materials Genome Toolkit will include the latest versions of:

  • Thermo-Calc thermodynamics code
  • DICTRA multi-component diffusion code
  • PRISMA precipitation simulator
  • Mobility databases for Fe, Ni and Al systems
Application Procedure