Materials Choice Awards

Do you and your fellow classmates like materials?

If so, the Materials Choice Award is the go to competition to show your knowledge of “cool” material products and applications!  Focused on new, cutting edge materials, applications, and products, the competition allows students to demonstrate why they are passionate about a specific material.

2017 Winners


Two tiers are established, high school (grades 9-12) and middle school (grades 6-8).

Teams composed of five students enrolled in a class taught by a teacher who attended an ASM Materials Camp® are eligible. Teams should describe the “coolest” material.

Selection Process:

  • A captioned photo of the material will be posted to social media.
  • A total of six teams from each tier are selected. Three based on the highest number of votes with another three selected by the judges. The teams selected will submit a video highlighting their material.
  • Video will be judged based on content, organization, and delivery.

Registration deadline is December 15th.
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