Educator Resources

To help high school STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teachers develop a more successful curriculum or lesson plan, the ASM Materials Education Foundation provides access to additional teacher resources.

The following web links include the ASM Teacher Website, a guide to workshops for materials science and technology teachers, videos about manufacturing processes, insights into How Everyday Things Are Made, and more.

Links to documents include a Handbook for Materials Science and Technology teachers, an example of a high school course outline for materials science, more than a dozen K-12 outreach activities, and a description of the fine art of materials science demonstrations.

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Web Links:

Materials Engineering in Lightweight Design Curriculum Module    ASM Teacher Website    MAST Modules  

How Things are Made


Science Standards   HS Course MS    K-12 Activities

Demoworks of Fine Art MS   MST Handbook  ASM Teachers Camp “Classroom Workbook”