Opportunities / Benefits

“Getting students excited about science and math and encouraging them to consider careers in the fields is my primary focus in education. Hands-on experiments or anything to do with technology instantly grabs their attention. Additionally, they give students who struggle with paperwork an opportunity to demonstrate that they do understand concepts and have skills that perhaps their more successful peers do not. The Teachers Camp is full of ideas for low cost experiments and I am always hunting for exciting new ways to engage kids.” ​- Meridian Teachers Camp

“Several years ago, a student of mine attended the ASM – Materials Camp. She said that this was a very worthwhile experience. She was also one of the best students that I have had the privilege to work with over the years, so her opinion matters. I teach physics and use a very hands-on approach with students. It is my hope to use what I learn at this camp to bring physics to students in a more meaningful way. I also hope to use this time to mingle with other physics teachers to discuss what they do in their classrooms. Being the only physics teacher at my school, I do not get many chances to interact with other physics teachers to discuss materials, resources, and teaching methods.” – Columbus Teachers Camp

“I can’t say enough about this camp. It provided me with an increased enthusiasm and confidence for my materials class. I can’t wait to use just about everything I learned and to demo all the free items, and purchase some of the things we got familiar with in the workshop…chemical use, propane use, lab procedure techniques.” – Akron Teachers Camp

“This was one of the very best workshops I have ever attended, mainly because the information and activities were things I can actually do in my classroom and they fit in with my curriculum. The master teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful in sharing how they incorporate this into their curriculum. Overall this was an outstanding workshop and I am very glad I attended. I hope to be able to attend year two.” – Tuscaloosa Teachers Camp